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EFI Test Bench

Modern engines have advanced sensors and actuators to enhance performance, efficiency, and emission management. Beyond theory, it’s crucial to explore these components to comprehend how they meet engine requirements under various driving conditions.

The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Test Bench serves this objective by allowing engineers to simulate and analyze real-time engine behavior. Through this enhanced understanding, we strive to pave the way for continual innovation, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in modern engine optimization.

Wankel Engine Control Unit

The Wankel Engine Control Unit (ECU) for UAVs and Drones exerts comprehensive control over electronic injection and ignition systems. The fuel control system demonstrates precision in managing injection duration, initiation, and compensation for factors such as air temperature, air pressure, altitude, engine temperature, battery voltage, acceleration, cold start-ability, and idling.

Simultaneously, the ignition control system exhibits precise control over ignition time, dwell time, and dwell time compensation, accommodating variations in engine temperature and battery voltage.

Open ECU

Parvath Tech takes pride in crafting Open Electronic Control Units (ECUs) designed for full customization to meet unique requirements. Our end-to-end, in-house development encompasses hardware, firmware, and application software, offering a comprehensive solution for your automotive needs.

GDI Control Unit

The Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) Control Unit configuration incorporates a single-piston GDi fuel pump with an integrated control solenoid, rail pressure sensor, and fuel injector to generate a high-pressure spray.

A motor-driven cam lobe activates the pump’s plunger and piston, with an integrated pressure control solenoid regulating the solenoid valve closure at specific cam lobe angles to achieve the desired fuel pressure.

The control unit, informed by inputs from the cam encoder and fuel rail pressure sensor, determines the timing and duration for closing the pump’s control solenoid. Concurrently, the fuel injector, under the control unit direction, delivers the fuel spray for the required duration.

Customizes HIL Test Bench

Our HIL (Hardware-in-the-Loop) test bench is a crucial tool in ensuring the real-time behavior of systems during development. At Parvath Tech, we specialize in creating customized test benches tailored to specific requirements. This bespoke approach allows for effective proof of concept and result validation before transitioning to the actual system.